Merriam's Turkey

Our turkey population has rebounded considerably over the past couple of years. We have seen way more Hens and Toms while hunting over the past several years. Nowadays, if we don't hear any gobblers while we are hunting it comes as a surprise. Whereas a few years prior, if we heard a turkey it was a surprising feat. Call us and get out here to find out what all the fuss is about, and bag a Tom!

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Our Pronghorn Antelope had a really bad year here in the winter of 2010 - 2011, but they have came back strongly over the past 4 years. Last year on a good day we would see about 15 antelope a day, whereas this year on a good day we might see 40 - 50. Like we said, they are coming back strong. Also a 5-day, non-guided hunt. You arrive here Sunday morning or Saturday night, we give you a tour of the property and you start your hunt the next day.

Mule Deer 

Our Mule Deer population is thriving and continues to produce quality 170+ class bucks. We had the honor to have a buck score a total of 238 4/8 inches SCI in 2009. We've had several in the 190 - 200 inches SCI. Our clients have given us great feedback over the past 20 years. Referrals are available upon request. This is a 5-day, non-guided hunt. You arrive here on Sunday morning or Saturday night, then we familiarize you with the property on Sunday, and you start the hunt on Monday.

Nansel ​Ranch Hunting

Upland Game Birds

On the Ranch we have a great bird habitat. We have an abundance of Sharp-tail Grouse and Pheasant. Without dogs we've had hunters limit out on Pheasants and Sharpies. With dogs is even more fun, as people with dogs well know. The Pheasants love the Alfalfa meadows and the cover the meadows provide. Sharpies are everywhere, we see them up high, they absolutely love sagebrush, and we even see them mixed with the Pheasants from time to time. Contact for hunt information.